This is TIM.... The Internet Mind .. The NEXT Generation
The computer brain (search engine) that is starting to think.
Use TIM to get the correct answer you want.
For instance to find your answer to a question, ask a question like:

What is the weather in Miami or - weather in Miami. or you can ask a question like get the news or - find news about Hillary Clinton or ask - list stock prices of symbol symbol etc.etc. or - find history on suez canal or - books by Robert Lewis Stevenson or - map of Miami or - search for search engines that think or:

To go to a website simply enter the web address example Place www. or http:// in front of the url and TIM will take you there. If you wish to search the web using one of many other search engines simply enter the name of the search engine you want to use and then the keywords. example - keyword keyword etc. etc. or - search unohoo keyword etc. etc. and you will go to that search engine using your keywords to locate your answer. Note: not all search engines are available. Most popular ones are however.

Ask TIM a question and let TIM get you the answer. find stock prices, books, news, information, weather, legal laws, what is, who is, where is, medical and more. These are simple examples of the questions you can ask TIM the newest and best mind online. Use small letters unless it is the name of someone or someplace. Do-not use symbols.